Natalia Manley is a textile artist

Natalia specialises in quilted and embroidered textile hangings for walls.

She uses many techniques in her work including fabric collage, applique, patchwork, quilting, hand and machine embroidery as well as painting on fabric and canvas.
She has won many awards for her work, for example at the 2011 "Pour l'amour du fil" international exhibition in Nantes, France for her piece "Arrive without Traveling". She held her first solo exhibition in 1989 at the Henley Exhibition centre, UK, and has since exhibited her work regularly throughout the UK, USA, Europe and Middle East.

Some of her exhibitions include:

The Dubai Trade Fair 1999 - represented by the Docklands Gallery, London.

Invited artist at the Festival of Quilts 2005 at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK.

Invited artist at the 25th Henley Festival of Music and Arts, 2007.

Sintra, Portugal - 2008 Exhibition sponsored by Coats Crafts and Arte Ideias magazine.

The World quilt show in Houston.

Currently a selection of her works are on a UK tour.

In 2008 Natalia was invited to show her work by the European Commission in their London gallery. His excellency the Portuguese ambassador to the UK, Senhor Antonio Santana Carlos opened the exhibition.

Most of the works presented in the galleries on this website are for sale. Prices range from £500 to £10,000 depending on size and detail.

Further works are on the Saatchi gallery website, click here to view them all: Saatchi gallery
There is more to be seen at her Facebook here and on her Instagram here